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Clarion Housing  aims to keep your home well maintained and we continually check the work of our contractors to make sure that it’s of the highest quality. 

Your rent includes payment towards the cost of most repair and maintenance work but you also have some responsibilities. Before requesting a repair, please read our guide on who's responsible for repairs.

  • How do I request a repair?

After having confirmed that the responsibility of the repair lies with Clarion Housing, the best way to request a repair is online through our repair diagnosis tool

Once we receive your repair request we will discuss the most convenient time to carry out the repair and book it into the system. When the repair is booked you will get a job number along with the exact date and time of your repair booking.

  • I want to chase up my existing repair. How can I do this?

When you get in touch with us you need to provide us with your full name, address, date of birth and job reference number. We can then find out the status of your repair on our system if the contractor has left notes. If there are no updates added to the system we would need to chase the contractor. The time it takes for us to get an update on your job can vary depending on how long it takes for the contractor to respond. We will keep chasing the contractor and let you know once we have an update

  • How long does it take for my request to be dealt with?

We will send out a member of our repairs team within 28 days. Emergency repairs are dealt with within 24 hours.

  •  I’ve been contacted regarding some electrical testing. What does this entail?

We’re carrying out electrical testing to a large number of homes to ensure the electrics in your home are safe for you to use and meet the current standards. This is a health and safety requirement.

If we or our contractor contact you about this, it is important that you let us in to carry out the electrical test – it will not take long and it's for your safety. If we don’t contact you, you don’t need a test at the moment and you don’t need to do anything further.

  • I have lost/broken my key/fob, what do I need to do?

It is your responsibility to replace your keys if you have lost them. If  the key is broken the repairs team will deal with replacing this for you. Request a repair now.

Fobs are managed by the customer service team. So if your fob is lost or is no longer working please contact us.

Rent and service charges account

  • How do I pay my rent/service charges?

There are many quick and easy ways to keep up to date with your payments. Direct Debit is the easiest way for you to pay rent as it provides you with a secure and reliable way of ensuring your payments are made regularly and on time.
Read more about ways to pay your rent and find your preferred payment method. Remember that whichever method of payment you chose you remain responsible for payments reaching your account on time.
You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions around rent and service charges, including what actions you and Clarion Housing can take if you are in arrears. 

  • What is a service charge?

In some tenancy agreements there are additional charges for shared services provided to a building or estate. These costs are divided between all of the tenants who benefit from them.
Please refer to your tenancy agreement or contact us for further information.

  • I am a leaseholder; do I need to pay service charges? 

As a leaseholder you have a responsibility to contribute towards the costs for providing services, repairs and maintenance to your building. Your proportion of this cost is your service charge.

By law, service charges should be reasonable and can be fixed or variable. As a leaseholder, it is a condition of your lease that you pay variable service charges.

Find out more about leaseholders service charges, rights and responsibilities.

  • I am a shared owner: I pay rent but do I need to pay service charges?

You normally pay service charges if you live in a flat or a house that has communal areas. Your lease will outline what services you will receive and what you will have to pay for. 

The service charge you pay is your share of the costs of running, maintaining and improving your block and estate as well as major works. This may be collected at the same time as your rent or separately.

Find more information on service charges for shared owners

Advice and support

What kind of support does Clarion Housing Offer?

  • Clarion Futures: communities - helping make our estates and neighbourhoods or attractive and vibrant places to live.
  • Clarion Futures: jobs and training - check our employment and training service. We offer a bespoke and highly personalised service to place people into work.
  • Clarion Futures: money and digital - we can help you manage your money more effectively through guidance on budgeting, providing access to debt advice and affordable loans as well as helping you manage the use of your energy.

Crime and antisocial behaviour

Clarion Housing wants its neighbourhoods to be vibrant, diverse places where people want to live and everyone is safe to live together. Any form of crime is completely unacceptable and a breach of the terms of a tenancy agreement or lease.

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