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Report neighbourhood issues and tenancy breaches

Tell us about issues in your building or local area. This includes mice and other pests, people keeping pets without permission, problems with gardens, damage to property, abandoned vehicles and unauthorised businesses.


Your details

10 digit number you can find on letters you may have received from us, referred to as ‘tenant’ or ‘customer’ reference.

Tenancy breach details

Unauthorised activity eg businesses such as taxi companies or social clubs; suspicious activity at night.

Communal concerns eg hoarding, pests, personal items in communal areas, abandoned vehicles.

Gardens eg untidy gardens or communal areas.

Property eg unauthorised alterations, damage to property, hard flooring, property condition, keeping pets without permission.

Character limit: 350 characters. Note: we are limited in the amount of information you can submit by data protection policies. Find out more about how we handle your information in our privacy policy.