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Use of Google Translate

Clarion Housing uses Google Translate on the website as part of our aim to communicate as clearly and widely as possible with our customers. Google Translate does not provide perfect translations, and there will be many inaccuracies, but the translations do improve over time, as the tool is used more frequently.

It’s a free service. If you choose to translate a page by clicking in a language from the drop-down list above, most if not all of the page will be translated into your chosen language. Please use these translations cautiously, especially if they are regarding fixtures and fittings in your home, or regarding Clarion Housing policies. They should not be acted upon in any way that may endanger life or cause harm to others, or in any way that may be deemed irresponsible.

Clarion Housing bears no responsibility for the content of any translation provided by Google Translate. Clarion Housing may not be held responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate translations, or damage or issues arising from them.