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Apprenticeship application tips

If you decide that the apprenticeship route is the right pathway for you to take, you will need to find an employer that offers you the right apprenticeship and will give you good career opportunities to continue your learning and development.

Our apprenticeship’s are at the heart of what we do and we offer multiple apprenticeship entry routes into our organisation these can range from level 2 to degree level apprenticeships.

We actively recruit our apprentices from a wide and diverse group and we immensely value candidates from all walks of life.

The Clarion Futures Programme is a short pre-employment course that is offered to all candidates to help them perform well at the time of interview and to give them the best chance of securing the apprenticeship. The Clarion Futures programme invites you into the business prior to your formal interview and is designed to give you a real insight into the company, our values, the apprenticeship and the type of person we are looking for.

To be shortlisted for a Clarion apprenticeship you will need to submit an application. At this stage we are looking for basic requirements which include:

  • The ability to answer questions accurately and in detail. For example, if one of the application questions asks you to explain ‘why you think you are suitable for the apprenticeship?’ you will need to give a comprehensive answer which includes examples about how your skill set matches the job requirements.
  • Complete the form in as much detail as possible this will allow the employer to get to know you a little bit better. However, that’s not to say that quality is better than quantity, every sentence you write should illustrate to the employer why you would be an asset to their organisation and your willingness to become an apprentice.
  • Do not create one generic application. This means you should not copy and paste the same answers for every application. Each position varies and it is very easy to tell when candidates have copy and pasted. Instead, make each application individual, research the company that you are applying for and make sure you include some information about the company in your application to demonstrate your knowledge and the research you have done.
  • Be realistic when deciding which jobs to apply for by checking you possess the skills and personal attributes required. Also consider if the location of the workplace is feasible for you to travel to as well as the working hours / schedule.
  • Complete a thorough spelling and grammar check prior to submission. This is imperative as it shows a good level of written communication and attention to detail.
  • Stand out from the crowd! Some positions can attract up to 150 applications, so make sure your application sets you apart from everyone else. Provide specific examples of the projects, activities and people with which you’ve been involved. Try to avoid talking too vaguely around them and think about how your skills and experience relate to the job.

If you require additional guidance completing your application or have any further questions please email


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