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Managing your money

Feeling in control of money is what most of our customers tell us they want. On this page you'll find some ideas to help you do just that.

Successfully managing your money means first working out what money you have coming in and what your expenses are. To help you with this, we have put together two budget planners: 

Budget planner

Detailed budget planner

A budget plan helps you stay in control of your spending. It shows you what you can afford to do and if cutbacks can be made in certain areas.

Money saving tips:

We have teamed up with Quids in! – an online magazine that aims to help social housing customers find ways to make their money go further. The Quids in! Readers Club is a free monthly email service offering articles, tips and offers to help you save money. Find out more.

Read more of our useful tips below, or if you need help or would like to talk through your money options confidentially, contact Guideline.