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Managing your money

Feeling in control of money is what most of our residents tell us they want. On this page you'll find some ideas to help you manage your money.

Some bills are more important than others. The most important bills to pay first are: 

  1. Housing: rent and service charges (or mortgage if you own/part own your home)
  2. Council tax - even if you qualify for your local Council Tax Reduction Scheme it is likely that you will have to make a contribution to your council tax bill - find out how much you need to pay your local district council
  3. Electricity and gas bills
  4. Court fines or child maintenance that you are responsible for
  5. TV licence

The consequences if you do not pay these bills can be very serious:

  • If rent / mortgage payments are not made you may lose your home
  • If electricity / gas bills are not paid you may have your supply cut off
  • If council tax, TV licence or court fines /child maintenance are not paid you may have money taken directly from wages or benefits, have your belongings taken and sold or even go to prison

If you are worried about paying any of these contact Clarion Futures Money Guidance team.