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  • Financial wellbeing.

Savings and loans 

Whatever your goals, a credit union account can help you reach them. Simple, safe and affordable ways to borrow and save mean you can have peace of mind, knowing you’re in control of your money. That is why Clarion Housing Association is working in partnership with Leeds Credit Union to bring these services to all our residents - no matter where in the country you live.


Clarion Housing has partnered with Leeds Credit Union (LCU) to help resident’s access affordable ways of borrowing money.


What makes a loan from Leeds Credit Union different?

  • Tailored to you – Whether you need a school uniform, to pay for a wedding, or a holiday, our loans are built around you.
  • Competitive, fair interest rates - that are capped by Credit Union legislation.
  • We take care when offering you a loan – Unlike some other lenders, Leeds Credit Union will never encourage you to pay more than you can afford. Check out our affordability calculator to work out your repayments.
  • It will improve your credit rating.

Take a look at Leeds Credit Union new loan comparison tool to compare them with alternative lenders.


Having a credit union saving account is a great way to put a little away on a regular basis. It can be as little as £1 a week and will help when those little emergencies crop up and you need some extra cash. LCU have a number of different saving schemes, including a regular savings account, junior savers and a Christmas club. This allows you to save through the year, but not be able to withdraw until November, so resisting the temptation to withdraw your money early.

Bill paying account

The Leeds Credit Union Bill Paying Account is designed to help you pay your bills without worry. We agree with you a fixed monthly amount to pay in to cover the cost of the bills and then:

  • Agreed bills are paid including rent, utilities, insurance, telephone etc.
  • Bills paid by BACS or Cheque.
  • Surplus cash in the account can be withdrawn.
  • A low £2 monthly fee is applied.

Find out more about the Leeds Credit Union bill paying account.

Clarion Futures is an appointed representative of Clarion Housing Association Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.