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Switching Suppliers

Heating, lighting and cooking bills are usually the biggest cost after rent and food bills. You can save a lot of money by keeping a check on the deal that you have, comparing offers and switching regularly – just as you would do if you were buying something in the shops. 

Even if you prefer to use a prepayment meter it is still worth shopping around and if you have debt on your prepayment meter you can still change suppliers (if the debt is less than £500).

Switching  suppliers is much easier than it used to be and there is help available – many people save over £200 by changing suppliers and if you are  on a tariff called ‘standard variable’ for electricity and/or gas you are probably paying too much.

Follow these simple steps

  • Find your most recent energy bills – ideally over the last year so that you can see how much you have used.
  • Get online and have a look at the different deals available by visiting the Citizens Advice website. There are lots of different energy switching sites – all of the sites listed here are approved. 
  • When comparing deals consider:
    • How long is the deal for? Is there a charge if I leave the deal early?
    • How will I pay? Some deals require you to pay by direct debit.
    • Is it a fixed price tariff – this means the price will stay the same throughout the deal.
    • Can I get a cheaper rate by getting a duel fuel tariff? (this is when the same supplier provides your electricity and gas).
    • Are they part of the Warm Home Discount scheme (Check your eligibility).
If you do switch remember to make a note of the deal offered and the contact details for the new supplier and take your meter readings on the day of switch over- take a photo if you can on a smartphone as a record.

Even if you decide you don’t want to check out comparison sites always call your existing supplier at least once a year and make sure you are on the cheapest deal with them.

If you would like to know more about switching or you are worried about your energy bills contact GuideLine to access our Energy Guidance service. You can also read our Switching Suppliers For A Better Deal guide.