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  • Residents' Annual Report

Clarion Housing Residents' Annual Report

Each year Clarion Housing produces an annual report for residents, providing information on how we are performing against our targets and the initiatives we are introducing to improve our services. Click on the link to download the PDF, or see the sections below to find out more detailed information on our services.

Residents' Annual Report

Customer Services

The contact centre teams are responsible for handling all inbound customer contact including phone calls, emails, social media posts and most recently live chat.

Clarion Complaints

The Customer Solutions Team are responsible for the day to day resolution of complaints.

Repairs and Maintenance

Clarion Response is the repairs and maintenance arm of Clarion Housing Group.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Clarion Housing recognises that Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have a very disruptive effect on neighbourhoods and communities and does not just affect those who are directly involved in the situation.

Planned Investment

The planned investment team includes over 80 staff nationwide. The team carry out programmes of planned works such as rewiring, kitchen/bathroom refurbishments and external works. 

Fire Safety

Clarion Housing has invested heavily in improving the fire safety of buildings to ensure our residents safety.

Developing New Homes

Learn about Clarion Housing's ambitions to increase the number of new homes we deliver, our ambition is to deliver 50,000 over 10 years.

Resident Involvement

Resident involvement was one of the first areas we reviewed after the merger as we recognised the importance of it. 

Clarion Futures

Clarion Futures is the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group, providing support, skills and opportunities to our residents.


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