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Anti-social behaviour

Clarion Housing recognises that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have a very disruptive effect on neighbourhoods and communities and does not just affect those who are directly involved in the situation. We take ASB seriously and recognise the importance of working collaboratively with the police and local authorities to support and encourage their role in enforcing the law.

130+ court orders secured to stop ASB in 2017/18, including:

Examples of successful outcomes achieved include:

  • Partnership with police to rid a block of drug dealers – two tenants were evicted as a result of joint working.
  • Passing on information regarding cannabis use resulted in successful warrants being executed by the local police.
  • Obtaining an injunction against a resident’s visitor who caused nuisance by parking a large motor vehicle on the estate and being abusive to residents and staff.
  • Obtaining an injunction order with power of arrest against a resident’s son to exclude him from the neighbourhood to prevent abusive and violent behaviour towards other residents and from selling or consuming drugs in the neighbourhood.
  • Joint investigation with the police to address harassment of a neighbour. Clarion applied for an injunction to prevent entry to the street where she lived.
  • Information provided to local police, who were successful in obtaining two Criminal Behaviour Orders for two non-residents who were causing serious issues at our estates.
  • Evidence provided to Environmental Health which led to a noise abatement notice being served and proving a breach, resulting in a tenant being fined by the courts.
  • Offering support to a vulnerable tenant through domestic violence which led to the joint tenant being taken off the tenancy and a sole tenancy issued.

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