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Fire safety

Clarion Housing has invested heavily in improving the fire safety of buildings to ensure our residents safety. Approximately £9 million was spent on improving fire safety in our buildings in the 17/18 financial year, and we plan to spend around £20 million in the 18/19 financial year to continue our work programmes.

Works undertaken in 17/18:

  • Comprehensive inspection of cladding systems following the Grenfell tragedy
  • Installation of new fire doorsets in our blocks of flats
  • Compartmentation* works to all buildings over 10 storeys in height (22 sites)
  • Installation of new fire alarm systems to over 350 converted street property buildings
  • Fire safety work to 22 sites of our sheltered and supported housing
  • Bespoke fire safety information for each building 6 storeys and above
  • Published Fire Risk Assessments for buildings which are 6 storeys or higher

Planned works for 18/19:

  • Compartmentation work on all buildings over 6 storeys in height (116 sites)
  • Installation of 850 new fire alarm systems in converted street properties
  • Remedial works to a small number of higher risk cladding systems
  • Fire safety work (passive & active) to over 100 sheltered & supported housing sites
  • Develop our response to the new government guidelines on fire safety.

* the division of a building into cells to prevent fires passing from one flat to another.