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Planned investment

The Planned Investment Team includes over 80 staff nationwide. The team carry out programmes of planned works such as rewiring, kitchen/bathroom refurbishments, heating upgrades, and external works such as window, door and roof replacements. We also carry out complex project work such as lift replacements, external repairs and painting, remodelling of existing units, energy efficiency works, and electrical testing programmes.

119m invested in major works last year in our residents' homes.

We replaced:

  • We carried out 2,880 heating upgrades and we completed electrical tests and any necessary upgrades to around 22,000 homes across the country.
  • Customer satisfaction for planned major works was 92%.
  • We also carried out 2,086 stock condition surveys over the year.

In addition to the delivery of work, our partners (Engie, United Living, Mears, Breyer & Kier) also carried out a number of community investment events, including 27 neighbourhood improvement schemes (eg. play areas, community facilities upgrades), 96 apprenticeships, work placements or job starts, and 116 training sessions.