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Picking and packing groceries in a warehouse

Local food pantries

Get low-cost, high-quality food and household goods from our local food pantries.

To make sure everyone can put good food on their table, we’ve teamed up with partner organisations to set up food pantries in communities across the country.

What are food pantries?

Food pantries are social supermarkets that provide heavily discounted food to people in need. They’re long-term, community-led initiatives designed to combat food poverty by providing a sustainable, affordable source of food and household essentials.

Each pantry operates on a membership basis. As a member, you’ll be charged around £3 per visit. In return, you’ll be able to take home your choice of fresh, chilled and frozen foods, and other everyday goods, to the value of about £20.

To find out more, or to be referred to your local food pantry, please contact our Clarion Futures Money team.

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Our food pantries

By sharing our stories and views, we were able to help shift the perception of young people.


national ambassador

Meet Niomi – national ambassador

“My journey really started when I found myself pregnant at 18. After some time living in a hostel, I managed to secure my first tenancy when my son was five months old.

“My mind has always been focused on helping improve the lives of young people, so I did community volunteering placements for various youth programmes.

“As a national ambassador, we were given an opportunity to help create more positive relationships between older and younger residents. By sharing our stories and views, we were able to help shift the perception of young people.

“Coming out the other side, being a national ambassador helped me better understand my purpose and decide exactly what I wanted to do while supporting others.”

Find out more about Niomi’s story