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Asset Investment – Covid statement


The safety of our residents and our staff will always remain our highest priority.

We’ll take every step possible to ensure the health and safety of everyone we and our partnering contractors meet, including residents, staff, suppliers, and the wider community.

Below is a summary of the key actions our staff and contractors will continue taking whilst working inside residents’ homes, and what you can do to help:

  • We will contact you before any pre-booked visits to verify any coronavirus or other infectious illness status in your household, or we will check with you on the doorstep before entering your home.
  • We cannot enter your home if anyone has tested positive or is self-isolating unless it’s an emergency. We will discuss any extra precautions that may be needed, or if the work needs to be delayed to sometime in the future.
  • We will maintain social distancing where possible, and we would ask that you do the same.
  • Where possible, please increase ventilation in your home by having doors and windows open when we’re visiting.
  • Our operatives will wear appropriate PPE and/or face coverings where necessary.

We’ll review and update our procedures in accordance with advice from the government.

We’re committed to ensuring that our work is carried out responsibly, with everyone’s safety as a priority. Thank you for your cooperation.

Asset Investment team