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15/07/2022 - Update on cyber security incident

The latest update on our cyber security incident can be found here: Update on cyber security incident.

We have updated the information relating to the cyber security incident which has caused significant disruption to our services. As our work continues it is clear that the damage to our systems is extensive. This will result in a long period of disruption while we rebuild our infrastructure.

Important update regarding data:

We are now confident that our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which is our main store of customer data, was not accessed. We are continuing the investigation into the extent to which data held in other repositories may have been impacted.

We’re very sorry that our services continue to be disrupted. We’re working hard to get systems back up and running but this will not be a quick process. Please see below for further information about what has happened and how the disruption may impact you.

What has happened?

The disruption to services has been caused by a cyber security incident that targeted Clarion’s IT infrastructure.

When will this be resolved?

With the help of our cyber security partner and other incident response specialists, we are working hard to bring all of our systems back online and in some cases rebuild them completely. To do this in a safe and secure way takes time because of the complexity of the incident and our network. We are prioritising those systems that will enable us to better support our residents.

We’re sorry for how long people have experienced interruption to normal services. We wanted to have recovered more rapidly but the cyber incident has caused significant damage to our systems. In the meantime, we have put in place a number of additional ways people can contact us. Please see below for further detail on repairs, rent payments and other services.

How can I get in touch with you?

Emergency phone line

If you need to book an emergency repair, please call 0300 500 8000 at any time of the day. An emergency is anything that affects your health and safety, or an issue that could seriously damage your home if not dealt with quickly.

Unless you need to book an emergency repair, we are asking that Clarion residents do not contact us by telephone at this time.

Live chat

You can contact us via our online live chat which is available during the extended hours of 08.30 - 20.00 Monday - Friday (Wednesday 10.00 - 20.00) and between 10.00 - 14.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

You can report routine (non-emergency) repairs relating to lifts, door entry systems and fire safety systems.

Heating and hot water

Heating and hot water repairs are unaffected, and you should report these to the gas contractor covering your area in the usual way. We are also continuing to carry out our programme of critical safety checks.

Kitchens, bathrooms and other planned improvements

If you have work booked to refit your kitchen, bathroom or other planned improvements, this will be going ahead.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prioritise those most in need whilst we recover from this incident.


Clarion continues to carry out critical safeguarding work via our teams working on our estates.
If you have a safeguarding concern, we are asking that you report this first to the local authority (local council) as they will have a designated safeguarding team to manage reports and referrals. You can find this link by searching online for safeguarding under the authority area you need.
If there is an immediate need, please ensure you call the police via 999.