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Terms and conditions

The hire agreement is intended to create a licence and not a tenancy. Clarion can enter the garage at any time without notice, but normally we will respect your privacy and give you advance warning when we want access.

The agreement is personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else. I will not allow anyone else to use the garage, shed or parking space.

  • The garage is intended for the storage of a vehicle and associated equipment.
  • The parking space is intended for parking a motor vehicle.
  • The shed is intended for personal belongings.

The garage, shed or parking space and surrounding area must not be used for:

  • Business activity of any kind.
  • Storing anything explosive, flammable, or perishable or possession of which is prohibited by law.
  • Any work involving the use of powered tools or spray guns.
  • Anything which might cause a nuisance to other people in the locality.

I agree to pay the hire charge in advance by direct debit. I understand that the hire charge may be changed by Clarion giving at least 14 days notice of the new charge in writing.

Clarion will process and store the direct debit form in line with our retention policy. In the event of an unsuccessful application, this form will be kept for 6 months in case you wish to make any further applications for any other available garages, parking spaces or sheds.

I agree to provide verbal or written notice in order to terminate the hire agreement. The minimum notice period required will match the duration of the rent frequency e.g. weekly / monthly, and will be effective from the date that notice is received.

I will take reasonable care of the garage, shed or parking space and not allow it to be damaged, either deliberately or by carelessness. I will not make any alterations or additions to it without prior written consent from Clarion.

I will keep the access to the garage, shed or parking space and the block that it is in unobstructed, and not obstruct access to other garages, sheds or parking spaces or properties nearby.
I understand that this licence would not give any right to park anywhere else on Clarion property except in the garage or parking space.

I will tell Clarion about anything that appears to need maintenance or repairs.

I agree to temporarily move things from the garage, shed or parking space if we ask, to make maintenance or repairs easier.

I understand that Clarion will not accept liability for any loss to my property or vehicle you may suffer whilst using the garage, shed or parking space.  In particular, I understand that Clarion do not guarantee that it is secure against unlawful entry.

Either party can end the agreement by giving the other at least one week’s notice in writing. This notice can end on any day but the charge will be payable for the whole of the week in which notice runs out.

When this agreement ends I will:

  • Remove all of my possessions (including rubbish) from the garage, shed or parking space.
  • Give Clarion all the keys (if applicable).
  • Leave the garage, shed or parking space and its surroundings in good clean condition, allowing for fair wear and tear

I agree that If I do not do these things I may have to pay Clarion compensation.

If I leave anything in the garage or shed, or on Clarion property nearby, after this agreement has ended, Clarion may dispose of it without warning.