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Proposed Transfer to The Riverside Group Limited

Our letter on 11 September 2019 explained our intention to transfer our homes in Newcastle to another social landlord. We are pleased to let you know that Clarion has signed a conditional agreement to transfer, at the beginning of March 2020, all of our Newcastle homes to The Riverside Group Limited. It was chosen through a rigorous evaluation process with the help of Clarion resident representatives.

The Riverside Group Limited provides a high quality service and has a long term commitment to the local community. It also has the highest ratings possible from the Regulator of Social Housing meaning it is financially secure and well managed.

Since we first contacted you about this transfer we have reviewed your feedback and taken this into account through the process.

The transfer of all our Newcastle homes to is due to expected to take place on Monday 2 March 2020.

Formal 6 week consultation process

Now that we have selected a preferred landlord, we are now giving residents the opportunity to submit their comments and feedback on the proposed transfer through a formal consultation, before a final decision is made. This transfer is not subject to a resident ballot and there is no formal vote, however, your views are important to us and will be taken into account.

Today is the launch of a six week formal consultation process which will end on Monday 03 February 2020. If you would like to share your views with us, please use the attached formal consultation feedback form and Freepost envelope sent to you in the post. To ensure we can respond to your queries or comments effectively we would be grateful if your response could be received by the closing date.

Why are we proposing the transfer?

By way of reminder, as a business for social purpose, Clarion needs to continuously consider how we can help more people and those in most need. We carry out comprehensive ‘options appraisals’ of our stock. We feel that we can help more people by selling the stock to another reputable landlord (who will be as well or better placed to serve the needs of residents in that area) and using the proceeds to invest in upgrading existing stock and providing more new affordable housing where it is needed. There will be no costs to residents as a result of this transfer.

For more information please view: Proposed Transfer to The Riverside Group Limited [PDF 421kb]

If you have any questions please view our Frequently asked questions [PDF 99kb].

Your views on the transfer of Clarion homes in Newcastle to The Riverside Group Limited

If you would like to send us your comments or queries about the change of landlord of your home to The Riverside Group Limited, please complete this form [PDF 99kb] and send it back to COMMUNITIES FIRST (via the Freepost envelope sent in the post), your independent tenant advisor.