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Plumbing guides and videos

Easy tips to help you deal with basic plumbing issues.

Some plumbing tasks you can easily do yourself, saving you time and money instead of calling out a plumber. Find out how to address common plumbing issues in your home and watch our step-by-step video guides.

Plumbing videos

  • How to turn off your water supply.
  • How to unblock a sink.
  • How to replace a shower head.

How to turn off your water supply

If you discover a burst pipe, you can turn off your water supply using the water shut-off valve, also known as the stopcock. This is normally found under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard. Make sure you also switch off any electrical plugs and appliances affected by the leak, then phone our emergency repairs team on 0300 500 8000.

How to replace a shower head

See how to replace a shower head in your bathroom quickly and easily.

How to spot a faulty hot water system

If your property’s heating system is stored in the roof and has a storage tank, then there’s a small but potentially serious risk of it becoming faulty. This can lead to your water becoming dangerously hot. Make sure you’re prepared by knowing what to look out for.

Warning signs

  • Unusually hot water.
  • Excessive noise from the hot water tank.
  • Steam rising from the cistern or tank.

If your hot water system is showing these signs please request a repair.

How to unblock a sink

If your sink isn’t draining properly because of a blockage, watch our video guide see how you can fix it.