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Rugby Girls Careers Day

Immigration has changed the face of the community. Economic and social pressures define patterns of living.

Migrating communities hang-on to cultural norms that are acceptable in their respective countries, but would violate the rights and privileges of individuals in this country.

These migratory practices and beliefs manifest themselves as domestic violence, coercion, cultural restrictions and segregations of communities. Children are victims of this culture too, especially the girl child.

The need to present a 'different face' at school from their 'home-face' takes a toll, and lack of guidance and encouragement, leaves the girl child with low aspirations, lack of general knowledge, an inherent dependency on and cultivated reverence to a male figure and inability to make career choices.

The Girls Career Day is intended to address this shortfalls in character development.


Friday 21 June 2019, 11.30am - 3.30pm


Benn Partnership Centre
Railway Terrace
CV21 3HR



How to book

Please contact the Benn Partnership Centreon 01788 553033