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Help improve local services

You can share your views, shape local services and help improve community life by getting involved in a range of local groups, or by having your say on local and national services.

To get involved, you don’t any need previous experience: just enthusiasm and a desire to improve services and enhance your local area.

Have your say on local and national services

Join a service improvement group

Work with Clarion staff to review policies and procedures, set standards, monitor performance and shape how services are delivered. You could have your say on specific issues such as antisocial behaviour (ASB), empty homes, diversity and disability issues, complaints and customer accounts.

Join a property engagement group

Have your say on property-related issues – from repair services, planned improvements in your area and how Clarion can improve local and national services.

Join the Clarion Housing Association board of directors

Get involved at the highest level by joining the board of directors responsible for service delivery, managing our homes and meeting our legal and financial requirements. When positions become available residents are recruited to the board, meaning you could influence services for all Clarion residents.

If you’d like to get involved with a service improvement or property engagement group, please contact us using our resident involvement form.

Terry Stacy – resident board member

"Resident involvement is essential to deliver great homes and services. We work alongside staff to ensure customer satisfaction."
Terry Stacy MBE– resident board member

Get involved locally

Have your say on your local residents’ association

Getting involved with a residents’ association is a great way to have your say and come together to tackle local issues, arrange social events and build community spirit. And, if there isn’t a residents’ association in your area, you and your neighbours could set one up.

Find out more about setting up a residents’ association.

Become a community inspector

Work with repair, neighbourhood and estate services teams to visit properties, monitor services (such as cleaning, gardening and communal repairs), and make recommendations for improvements.

Take part in local focus groups

Sharing your ideas and giving feedback through focus groups and meetings is a really easy way to have your voice heard and help change local services.

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved locally, please email our resident involvement team.

Irene Henson – regional scrutiny committee member

"It’s important residents’ voices are heard so Clarion understands when something needs to improve and how to do it."
Simon Kingsley-Young - scrutiny committee member

Benefits of getting involved

Getting involved locally means you can influence services and make a difference to your community. It’s also a great way to meet new people – and can even help you improve your digital skills, gain volunteering experience and develop work-related skills.

You’ll be given specific training for some involvement schemes and also be able to claim expenses if you’re involved with service improvement groups.

Case study: improving ASB services

In 2019, the ASB service improvement group looked at how people find information and report problems. Working with Clarion’s digital team, they looked at how people think, feel and behave when worried about antisocial behaviour. This identified different ways people search for information and try to resolve problems.

As a result, website improvements were made, providing clearer ASB advice and a new reporting form. A social media campaign then highlighted different aspects of support and advice.

More ways to get involved and have your say

Clarion Voice online community screen shot

Clarion Voice

Clarion Voice is an online network enabling you to have your say and connect with other residents.


Resident engagement days

Attend a resident engagement day and get the most out of your local community.