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Resident involvement successes

There are lots of ways you can get involved and help improve services – from local and online schemes to involvement on regional or national groups, networks and committees.

All our resident involvement initiatives enable you to make a real difference to services in your community, and communities across the country, by shaping Clarion policies, services and ways of working.

In 2018-19, these committees looked at a range of issues and put forward a number of recommendations across four key service areas.

Regional scrutiny committees

1. Communications with residents

This was looked into as residents had stated that “some people felt isolated and that the human aspect of living in a housing association home had gone and some felt disconnected from their landlord.”

Among the changes being made in this area, Clarion Voice – our dedicated online forum for residents – has been relaunched as a more dynamic, engaging and social platform, featuring local and national news and advice.

2. Customer satisfaction

The effectiveness of customer satisfaction surveys was investigated to ensure they were reaching a representative sample of residents and we also looked at what was being done with the data to drive service improvement.

As a result, quarterly surveys will now be communicated more broadly to residents using digital platforms and the website.

3. Fire safety in blocks of six storeys and under

This area was selected in light of concerns arising from the Grenfell Tower fire and taking into consideration Dame Judith Hackitt’s subsequent Building a Safer Future report.

Among the committee’s recommendations is for information on vulnerable residents to be made available to the emergency services. Regular fire safety awareness bulletins, together with a reminder of Clarion’s fire safety mission statement, are also being circulated to residents.

4. Empty property standards

This was looked at following feedback about sub-standard work to empty (void) properties designed to bring them up to standard for incoming tenants to view. The condition of empty properties was also given as a reason for refusing properties by a number of applicants.

Following its investigations, the committee suggested developing a visual standard for incoming tenants and this is now in the process of being implemented.

Resident annual report

Resident Scrutiny Report

Explore all the recommendations and responses in our Clarion Housing – Resident Scrutiny Report 2018-19. 

Download the full report

Resident involvement impact

You can explore the positive local and national contribution of resident involvement activities in our annual impact assessment report. It outlines how residents got involved in a variety of initiatives and shows their impact on our services.

Resident annual reportResident Involvement Impact Assessment

See how residents are having their say and shaping our services.

Case study: improving ASB services

In 2019, the ASB service improvement group looked at how people find information and report problems. Working with Clarion’s digital team, they looked at how people think, feel and behave when worried about antisocial behaviour. This identified different ways people search for information and try to resolve problems.

As a result, website improvements were made, providing clearer ASB advice and a new reporting form. A social media campaign then highlighted different aspects of support and advice.

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Clarion Voice

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