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  • Regeneration Projects

Clarion Housing is committed to investing in our existing estates.

This involves deciding where to redevelop based on the condition of homes, levels of overcrowding or under occupying and the opinion of our residents. We put existing residents at the heart.

The Clarion Housing approach

We’re committed to ensuring existing communities are kept together and the first to benefit from the new homes, employment opportunities and community facilities as part of regeneration.

View of Sherwood Close

This commitment is confirmed in our innovative Residents Offer, which confirms what residents can expect:

  • A replacement home for all resident homeowners and Clarion Housing tenants
  • Rehousing existing residents first in a single move
  • A new freehold or 125 year lease for resident homeowners
  • Every new home the same size or bigger than the home it replaces
  • Private outdoor space for every home
  • Every social rented home replaced
  • Clarion housing tenants rehoused according to need
    • overcrowded families will be rehoused in larger homes
    • in some cases adult children given a home of their own
  • New white goods for every home
  • Payments to cover the costs of moving and settling in

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