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Your new Eastfields neighbourhood

Designed to meet your needs

Eastfields will be regenerated to enhance living standards in the area. 800 new homes, including flats, maisonettes will be built in addition to 120 new houses.

It’s all part of the Clarion Housing approach. In 2015, we carried out opinion surveys with residents to see what you want from your new neighbourhood.

The redesigned neighbourhood will:

  • Provide well-designed homes for all residents
  • Reduce over-crowding by rehousing residents according to their needs
  • Provide better insulated homes which use less energy
  • improving green spaces
  • Improve safety, access, parking and bin storage.

Explore Eastfields redesigned

See your redesigned neighbourhood.

Trees and green spaces

Your new neighbourhood will include the following:

  • New street connections – Connect and improve Mulholland Close and Acacia Road, with traffic calming to slow down cars along a tree lined route between Woodstock way and Tamworth Lane.
  • Green space – As many trees as possible will be kept. Retaining and improving the central green space.
  • Safety – Traditional streets with front gardens, will create safer routes for residents and improve access to surrounding areas and nearby facilities.
  • Retail space – There will be some retail uses along Acacia Road. This will be available for a corner shop, café or additional uses which may suit.
  • Communal Courtyards – The flats will have communal courtyards for residents to enjoy, with dedicated play areas for children.
  • Ball court -There will be a ball court at the end of the linear park providing space to play ball games.

New facilities for all residents on Eastfields

Community centre

Your new neighbourhood will have a community centre for all residents of Eastfields. The community centre will hold a variety of different activities for everyone to enjoy. These will include:

  • dancing or exercise classes
  • book club
  • workspaces
  • community events
  • Pre-school facilities

Community gardens

A community garden for residents to plant flower beds and grow planting will be created in the area. This is a great way for everyone to come together and spend time making the local area neighbourhood friendly.

Interested in getting involved?

We hold steering group meetings frequently to ensure residents’ requirements are taken into consideration.

Get involved by looking at the community centre and community garden plans and ensuring changes that are made are beneficial for everyone living in Eastfields.


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