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Your new Ravensbury neighbourhood


Designed to meet your needs

We’ve redesigned the Ravensbury estate with your needs in mind. It’s all part of the Clarion Housing approach.

Over the last few years, you’ve told us what you want from your new neighbourhood. The redesigned Ravensbury will:

  • have one vehicle entrance because you wanted to keep its village feel;
  • keep lots of the existing greenery;
  • be pedestrian friendly throughout because you felt it was important to encourage a safe and social atmosphere.

Keeping your community together

You've made it clear that keeping your community together is really important to you. To make sure this happens, we will:

  • offer all existing Ravensbury tenants and resident homeowners a new home in the neighbourhood;
  • move the majority of residents directly from their current home to their new home;
  • rehouse existing residents before finding new residents to move in.

Explore your redesigned Ravensbury

Take a walk through the redesigned Ravensbury estate.

Trees and green spaces

You told us you wanted to keep as much of the existing greenery in Ravensbury as possible.

We’ve heard your feedback. Your redesigned Ravensbury estate will have:

  • streets lined with trees and swales, including much of the greenery that already exists;
  • a child-friendly play area with timber shaped animals, stepping logs and boulders in swales;
  • plants, hedging and street trees around the new homes to encourage a vibrant, community atmosphere. Plants will be chosen to match the greenery from surrounding parks.


A new community centre

We’re building a new community space for you on the corner of Ravensbury’s block of flats. Your community centre will have modern facilities and will be available for the whole community.

You will enjoy:

  • a larger space for all activities 1722 sq ft / 160 sq metres – previously 915 sq ft / 85 sq metres
  • more daylight into the community centre
  • higher ceilings to create an illusion of even more space
  • new activities for everyone in the community to get involved in

There will be a wide range of activities from community meetings, to fitness activities and a crèche. If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see, get in touch.


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