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  • Residents Annual Report

Residents' Annual Report

Supporting residents, improving homes and developing communities are at the heart of everything we do. Our Residents’ Annual Report highlights how we’re continuing to improve our services – and how well you think we’re doing.

Safer, better homes

Nothing is more important than the safety of your home. As such, we accelerated our fire safety programme over the last 12 months spending £20m on fire safety works.

In addition, we spent £89m on improvements and refurbishments to kitchens, bathrooms, roofs and boilers, with resident satisfaction levels at 92%. And, over the past year, our Clarion Response service completed more than a thousand repairs every day.

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Enhancing community life

Last year, we helped many residents adjust to Universal Credit, the new benefits payments system. And Clarion Futures continued to provide opportunities – helping 4,000 people into work and referring 3,700 residents for free debt advice.

Our resident services continue to become more responsive to your needs with, for example, more ways for you to engage with us online – from paying your rent to accessing advice and support.

"I don't think I would have been able to do this on my own, Clarion were there to help me."

Michelle Rowe

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Supporting residents

Supporting residents

See some of the ways we’re helping residents and providing services.

Developing communities

Find out how we're creating vibrant places for you to live.

Improving homes

See how we’re investing in the safety and quality of your homes.

Resident stories

Explore our resident stories – from financial advice to careers help.

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Resident annual report

Residents’ Annual Report

See how we’re working to support residents, improve homes and develop communities. 

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Residents' Annual Report 2017-18

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Get involved

Take a look at how residents can get involved to help improve our services to customers.

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Advice and support

If you're worried about money, want help getting access to learning new skills, or if you want to improve your neighbourhood, we can help.