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Developing communities

Our community programmes are all about making our estates and neighbourhoods more attractive, vibrant places for you to live.

Supporting people in the community

Clarion Futures continues to provide support, skills and opportunities to residents, investing £150m to deliver one of the biggest social investment programmes in the country. This is transforming communities and enabling thousands of people to improve their lives.

"I want to thank Clarion Futures for everything they have done to support me - I'm excited for the future."

Fatou Drammeh

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We’ve been working with local people and partners to move our community centres and buildings into local ownership. We believe local people best understand community needs, so our aim is to identify organisations that can deliver quality local services for you.

Community help

“I didn’t know anything about shared ownership. When I looked into it, it became clear it would be perfect.”

Eddie Risby

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Helping people into new homes

Everyone deserves a quality home, which is why we built 1,108 new and affordable homes in 2018-19. This is part of our plan to build 50,000 homes over the next ten years.

Shared ownership provides an excellent way to take the first step on the property ladder and we’re committed to building thousands of new homes for people who need them.

shared ownership

Resident annual report

Residents’ Annual Report

See how we’re working to support residents, improve homes and develop communities. 

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Explore our Residents’ Annual Report

Improving homes

See how we’re investing in the safety and quality of your homes.

Supporting residents

Supporting residents

See some of the ways we’re helping residents and providing services.