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Maria - entrepreneur

Maria Bataller was struggling to support her young family, working part-time to save on childcare. Thanks to an innovative employment and business start-up scheme, she was able to start her own business – and spend more time with her family.

After financial strains put pressure on her family, Maria decided to try to start a business from home, but found accessing business training a barrier to her vision.

But because of free support from Increase VS – an employment and business start-up scheme run by Clarion Futures – Maria’s business is flourishing and on track to expand.

“We didn't have any savings, our family car caught fire, business training courses were out of my reach as they were costing a fortune, and I wanted to spend more time with my young children,” said Maria.

Maria’s business idea – inspired by her children – was to create Young & Learning, a child-friendly, eco-conscious company promoting young learning through educational toys.

“I believed in my product but needed support with the business development and advice and guidance.”

Maria Bataller

Maria from Cambridge said: “I believed in my product but needed support with the business development and advice and guidance.”

“It was great finding Madeleine, a business advisor for the Increase VS project. With her free business advice and guidance, I was able to create the business I wanted. This has now given me quality time with my children and I see ideas becoming a reality. I launched in February 2019: and the business is on track. I can’t thank Madeleine enough for all her support through the Interreg Increase VS project.”

The Increase VS project provided Maria with a range of support that helped her:

  • develop a business plan allowing her to leave part-time work
  • find a factory to create the products with sustainable wood and eco-friendly lacquer
  • develop a “franchise” scheme to sell products through self-employed mothers enabling them to generate income in their spare time and get back to work after having children
  • create and test two new products to launch.

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