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Clarion has worked with Zebra Collective, Plymouth City Council, Clifton Emery Design, RH Partnerships and members of the community on the regeneration of Barne Barton.

Where possible we have incorporated resident feedback into our plans for Barne Barton. We remain committed to supporting residents and delivering a successful regeneration project tailored to your needs.


Links to download consultation boards

October 2017 - Public Consultation - Natutally Barne Barton [PDF 11.7mb]

November 2017 - Public Consultation [PDF 13.8mb]

December 2017 - Public Consultation [PDF 16.4mb]

May 2018 - Public Consultation [PDF 13.2mb] 




The masterplan, which was created by Exeter based Clifton Emery Design, proposes to completely change the existing layout of the estate to create improved views and people friendly streets.


Play at Barne Barton
Safe play facilities are an important part of the transformation of the Barne Barton Estate. Plans for play space on the new estate include provisions for children of all ages in overlooked play areas to give parents peace of mind.

The Green Street
Good quality, accessible green space and infrastructure can provide many potential health and well-being benefits. We’re proposing a diagonal green street across the estate. This new street will open up views to the River Tamar and improve accessibility for residents.

Wilkinson Road
The proposal for Wilkinson Road aims to create a safe and well overlooked pedestrian street. This will be achieved by using traffic calming measures on the road and bring the buildings towards the edge of the street. Natural surveillance will be improved as more front doors and front gardens means there will be more eyes on the street.



Public square
This area will be at the heart of the estate, with the new flats facing on to the public square. There will be fantastic views across the River Tamar towards Cornwall from a raised viewpoint. Our plans include the relocation of the bus stop, which means residents will be brought into this central point by the local bus.