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Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Clarion Housing can support residents experiencing anti-social behaviour, and working with our residents and other agencies can often take action to address it. Please find the answers to some frequently-asked questions below.

If you wish to report anti-social behaviour you can use our enquiry form on this site and select 'report anti-social behaviour' on the 'reason for enquiry' drop-down menu.

If you are at immediate risk or in danger please contact the Police on 999.

If the ASB is of a criminal nature such as drug dealing on a Clarion Housing estate, then please contact the police to report it first so that you can provide us with your Crime Reference Number. 

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Noise is an unavoidable part of everyday life and we must all accept a certain degree of noise from others activities. Living in flats where you are sharing facilities and living very close to your neighbours, it is particularly easy for difficulties to arise if people are inconsiderate or behave unreasonably.

Most of the ASB problems that are reported to us are complaints about noise and swearing. Noise travels easily between flats so please bear this in mind, particularly late at night and early in the morning. Please respect your neighbours and those living around you. We cannot respond to every report of noise but we will try to intervene where noise is occurring regularly or is very excessive.

You should also report regular excessive noise to your local council environmental health office as they have responsibilities to ensure that as far as practicable the degree of noise in the environment around us remains at a level that is not harmful to health.

Where excessive noise does occur, the environmental health office can usually investigate and suggest solutions. In many cases, the person making the noise will be unaware they are causing a problem and it may be resolved by offering them advice on reducing the noise, or talking with those living nearby to agree a mutually acceptable solution. Sometimes formal mediation can help in these situations.
We will work with environmental health where there is an ongoing problem to take action under the terms of the tenancy agreement or lease.

To report anti-social behaviour please use the General Enquiry form on this site.