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Tenancy fraud

Social housing is in short supply and we want to make sure that our homes are lived in by those who need them most and by those they are intended for.

We work hard to combat tenancy fraud. Clarion Housing works with other agencies to take action against residents found to be subletting their properties. This releases the homes involved to those who need them.

Tenancy frauds includes activities such as:

  • Subletting a property (whether for profit or not) including through Airbnb, estate agents or other third party agencies.
  • Moving out of the property and allowing members of your family to live in it.
  • Misinformation by a resident (or a person on their behalf even if the resident doesn’t know) which results in a tenancy being offered and accepted.
  • Selling the keys to a property.
  • False applications to succeed to a tenancy following the death of the resident.
  • Making an application for Right to Acquire or Right to Buy with false and or misleading information.

If you think that a property near you is being illegally sublet you can contact us in the strictest confidence.

Further information on subletting.