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VRtB application process

When you have received your application form please ensure the following are complete before submitting:

  • All questions answered or marked as N/A
  • Proof of ID and Residence for all applicants. Please reference the checklist that you will have received with your application.
  • Evidence of current and past tenancies
  • Application forms must be received within 4 weeks of your URN being issued

Please note that incomplete application forms will be rejected and you will need to reapply for a new URN if the portal reopens. If you have any questions about completing the form then please contact the Voluntary Right to Buy Team on 0203 7845995.

Once your application form has been received the team will have 4 weeks to complete eligibility checks to ensure that both the tenant and property are eligible to sell under the scheme.

We will then write to you to confirm if you have been admitted to the scheme. Should you be an eligible tenant in a restricted property you will then be offered to port your discount to buy an alternative property. If you are admitted to the scheme you will then be required to pay an administration fee of £250 and select a surveyor from a panel. Please ensure that payment is completed promptly in order for us to meet the schemes tight timescales.

On receipt of the administration fee and your selection of surveyor we will instruct the surveyor to complete an independent valuation of your property within 4 weeks.

At this stage you will be informed of the price of your property. You will have an option to challenge the valuation. Should you wish to appeal the valuation, you should bear the additional costs. You will have 7 days to advise us if you are looking to challenge the valuation.

If you accept the valuation we will then write to you with a formal offer confirming property value, discount and price, along with other details of the sale. You will then have 4 weeks to accept this offer.

On receipt of confirmation to proceed we will instruct our solicitors. The sale should be completed within 12 weeks of acceptance of the offer.

Failure to meet any of the deadlines could result in the application being withdrawn.

Please note applications are dependent on available government funding.