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Dealing with asbestos

At one time asbestos was a commonly used material in building and construction and still is in other countries. Although no longer used in the UK since 1999, it can still be found in many materials around our homes. 

If properly managed and kept in good condition asbestos does not pose a health risk. It’s only a problem if it’s damaged as this can cause loose fibres to become airborne and, if breathed in, can cause health problems.

Where you can find asbestos?

  • Corrugated roofing 
  • wall cladding 
  • ceiling and floor linings
  • finishes and tile
  • bath panels
  • soffit boards
  • fire surrounds
  • doors
  • cold water tanks; garages
  • shed walls and roofs
  • guttering and drain pipes
  • gas appliances
  • electric storage heaters
  • warm air heating equipment. 
  • flue pipes. 

Cavity wall and loft insulation do not generally contain asbestos based materials.