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Completion of Parkside estate Phase I and Phase II works

We have now completed Phase I and Phase II. The Parkside Regeneration transfer included work at Ranwell West, Ranwell East, Lakeview and Locton which commenced in 2016.

Summary of the work carried out as part of the regeneration:

  • Electrical upgrades to the communal systems
  • Brickwork, concrete and walkway repairs
  • Repairs and renewals to roofs
  • Removal of old garages and pram sheds, replaced with newly landscaped areas
  • Road resurfacing and parking bay remarking
  • Bin store installations
  • Boundary fencing renewals.

Ollerton underground car park

One of the work items under the Parkside Phase II project was to restore the underground car park at Ollerton Green. This newly refurbished underground car park has been handed over to Clarion’s Housing Management department who will be in charge of the allocation of parking spaces to residents.

There will be 72 spaces available in the CCTV monitored underground facility. We are happy to return this facility back to the residents of Locton who have requested this for some time and hope that it helps to improve parking in the area.

Final word from the Parkside Project Team

It has been a great experience for us as the Parkside Team to work on regenerating your estates under this programme and to finally conclude the Parkside Phases. That’s not to say that the programme hasn’t undergone some difficulties or delays, but with your cooperation we have managed to iron these out and come to a final satisfactory conclusion. The disruption, numerous contractor access calls and scaffolding has now come to an end. This has resulted in a more pleasant looking area across the Parkside estate.