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How we invest

As a business for social purpose, Clarion Housing Group does not distribute profits but reinvests in the business to improve our properties and deliver our charitable aims.

As such, being efficient and effective is critically important. Here are just a few of the ways we have invested over the past year, and our plans for the years to come.

Improving your home

Last year, our Planned Investment team invested £119 million into major works to customers’ homes. This work included kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, heating upgrades, and external works such as window, door and roof replacements.

In one year we replaced:


The team also carried out 2,880 heating upgrades and necessary improvements to around 22,000 homes across the country.

Overall, our total maintenance spend last year was £313 million, including these major works plus the day to day maintenance spend of our Repairs team.

Developing new homes

Clarion Housing Group has ambitions to increase the number of new homes we deliver to 50,000 over ten years. Two thirds of these will be for affordable rent or affordable home ownership.

To achieve this, we have committed £13 billion to the goal, which also includes £2.6 billion that we will invest in our existing properties.

We are making significant progress and our approved development pipeline has grown to 16,000 homes nationally, with around 7,500 new homes expected to be completed within the next three years.


Barne Barton Estate in Plymouth is one of our regeneration projects

Clarion Futures
Community investment

Clarion Futures is the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group, providing support, skills and opportunities to our residents. We’re investing £150 million over ten years to deliver one of the biggest social investment programmes in the country, transforming hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of lives for the better.

Overall, we expect to help some 4,000 people each year into employment, and 1,500 young people to continue in education or training. 

In 2017/2018:




We also continue to invest in Welfare Advice Services, helping our customers to claim the benefits they are entitled to. To find out more, please contact Guideline.

Fire safety

In the last year, we've spent over £15 million on safety work to our homes, including electrical compliance testing and fire safety measures.

Of this, approximately £9 million was spent on improving fire safety in our buildings and we plan to spend around £20 million in the next year.

This will include:

  • Compartmentation work on all buildings over six storeys in height.
  • Installation of 850 new fire alarm systems.
  • Remedial works to a small number of higher risk cladding systems.
  • Fire safety work to over 100 sheltered and supported housing sites.

All our Fire Risk Assessments are now available online to customers in buildings of ten storeys or higher, and by request for all other properties.

How we do business

We know that simply driving cost savings could result in a reduced level of service for our customers. So, in order to help prevent this, we are also investing in our systems in order to provide a more efficient and cost effective service to all our customers.

We launched the first phase of this work in April 2018 and expect the whole business to be working on the new systems by 2019.

Find out more

If you’d like to read more about how we spend our money, you can read our Residents’ Annual Report or Clarion Housing Group’s Value for Money Statement 2018 [PDF].

Clarion Futures Jobs & Training

Jobs and training

We run a free employment and training service, which is open to all Clarion customers looking for work.

Communal Area

Community grants

Every year we provide funding of up to £5,000 per project to our local community groups and charities, to help them deliver initiatives in their neighbourhoods.