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Universal Credit

The roll out of Universal Credit full service is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. This means that by the start of 2019 Universal Credit will be available to everyone of working age no matter where they live. When you move on to Universal Credit will still depend on your circumstances; this will be the case until around the middle of 2019 when people will start to be forced off their old style benefits. This ‘managed migration’ to Universal Credit is expected to be completed by March 2022.

When you go over to Universal Credit it will bring two big changes.

Single monthly payment

Instead of getting your benefits separately, you will receive a single monthly payment directly into your bank account. This will include the money for your rent. You must make sure you pay your rent in full - if you fall behind with this, your home could be at risk. We recommend you set up a regular payment method such as Direct Debit or our new reoccurring card payment. For further details on these payment options please refer to our Ways to pay page.

Managed online

Your Universal Credit Claim will be made and managed online. This means you will need a reliable way to be online as well as an email address. Do you need help getting online?

More information

You can find further information on Universal Credit by visiting

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