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Insulation and solar panels

If you don’t think your home has sufficient loft insulation or if you're considering installing solar panels, find out whether you're eligible and the steps you should take.

Customers are often approached by energy companies offering grants for loft or cavity wall insulation; however, it's important that you only use our agreed contractors. This is to ensure we can provide a consistent high level of work and customer service. 

The Planned Investment team is responsible for identifying properties that may lack adequate insulation.

Loft and cavity wall insulation

If you don’t think your home has sufficient loft insulation (at least 150mm) or cavity wall insulation, please get in touch. It's important to note that the way properties are constructed differs greatly, so cavity wall insulation may not be possible in all homes.

If insulation is suitable, we’ll add your home to our list until there are sufficient properties in your area. We’ll then contact you when we plan to carry out the work.

Solid wall insulation

Solid wall properties are far harder to insulate than properties with cavity walls. Please contact Customers Services and we’ll deal with your enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels and the Feed-In Tariff 

Solar panels turn energy from the sun into electricity. These panels are normally roof-mounted and are known as solar photovoltaic panels or 'PV'. 

The Government's Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme was designed to encourage uptake of renewable electricity generation technologies, such as PV. As part of the scheme, a householder is paid for the electricity the PV generates, as any electricity not used is sent back to the grid for the utility company to use. 

To register for FIT, you must either own your house, or be a fully-staircased shared owner. You will be asked to provide proof that you either own the property or that you have permission from Clarion Housing to claim FIT.

For more information on FIT, and installing solar panels, please contact Customer Services

Please note that, from 1 April 2019, barring some exceptions, the FIT scheme is now closed for new applicants.