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DIY repair guides

If you need to replace your shower head, unblock a drain or bleed a radiator that isn't heating up, you may be able to save time by carrying out the repair yourself.

Follow our step-by-step guides to addressing these common problems in your home.

Switching off your water supply

Have you discovered a leak in your home? Switch off the water supply at the stopcock and prevent any further damage. The stopcock is usually located under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard.

Replacing a shower head

If your shower head is leaking, or you'd like to replace the one you have, follow this simple guide to replacing it yourself.

Bleeding a radiator in your home

Is your radiator failing to heat up? It could be because there are air bubbles trapped in the system. Bleed your radiator to release the trapped air by following these simple steps.

Unblocking a drain pipe

If your sink is blocked and the water isn’t draining away as it should, follow our guide to correctly using a plunger.

Still experiencing issues?

If you are still experiencing issues you can contact us to request a repair.


Repairs: General

You can quickly request a repair online using our easy repairs diagnosis tool or you can call us.

Gas Repairs

Heating, boiler and gas repairs

If your gas, oil or solid fuel heating system or gas appliance needs a repair, get in touch with our specialised local contractors.