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2022 High Path Phase 1

Regeneration projects

Discover how we’re investing in local communities across the country.

We’re committed to improving our homes and communities, giving you better places to live. We aim to make our neighbourhoods safer, greener, and more pleasant for everyone.  

Regeneration is based on a few different decision, such as:

  • the condition of homes
  • levels of overcrowding
  • level of under occupation
  • resident views. 

Wherever we invest, we make sure that communities are kept together and our existing residents benefit first from the new homes, employment opportunities, and community facilities.

How regeneration works

Clarion residents are rehoused according to need. Families in overcrowded households will be offered larger homes, and sometimes separate homes will be offered to their adult children. Existing residents are rehoused first in a single move. 

Our commitments

  • Every social rented home replaced.
  • Replacement home for all Clarion tenants and resident homeowners.
  • New freehold or 125-year lease for resident homeowners.
  • Each home at least as big as the home it replaces. 

Your new home  

  • Every home has private outdoor space.
  • New household appliances for every home.
  • Payments to cover the costs of moving and settling in. 

For more information, please contact us.

Merton, London

See how we’re transforming a south London community by replacing 1,000 homes and building 1,800 new ones as part of a £1bn regeneration scheme.

Find out more about Merton

CGI render of mixed residential and retail buildings at dusk, with lights glowing in the street

Barne Barton, Plymouth

See how the Barne Barton estate in Plymouth is being redeveloped through our major £22m regeneration programme. 

Find out more about Barne Barton 

CGI render of the Barne Barton development from Wilkinson Road, showing houses and paved driveways

Sherwood Close, London

Explore the new, green neighbourhood we’re creating in collaboration with local residents in West Ealing in London. 

Find out more about Sherwood Close 

A view from a playground of a residential building complex in Sherwood Close, West Ealing. It features balconies and lush, green grass.

Sutton Estate, London

Discover how this disused estate in Chelsea is being brought back to life by our major refurbishment scheme. 

Find out more about the Sutton Estate 

Sutton Estate entrance

Residents can and do help make communities great again.

Kelly and Mark

Clarion residents

Meet Kelly and Mark, who helped transform their estate

Kelly and Mark are part of the residents’ steering group involved with the regeneration of the Barne Barton estate in Plymouth. The regeneration will transform Barne Barton from a 1960s estate to a modern mixed-tenure community, with high-quality, modern homes.

They got involved in the project after worrying about the impact it may have on their family.

“It’s been better than we expected. Our thoughts, ideas, and concerns have been listened to and taken into account during the design process.

“We got to know and trust the local staff and understand they would share with us everything they could. The steering group is something we enjoy. Clarion made us believe we’re an important part of the process and our opinion does count.

“We would definitely encourage others to get involved with regeneration. Residents can and do help make communities great again.”