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Heating issues at Wilmer, Sandall & Ingram Houses

We are pleased to say that the issues we’ve experienced with the plant room, over the past few days, have now been resolved. All boilers within the temporary plant are now working at full capacity, and the other issues that arose along the way have been fixed.

This means that you should now have your heating and hot water service back to normal. However, some residents may experience some problems which affect only their home. These might be caused by air in the pipework, which can occur naturally when the network is refilled with water, or other problems with the equipment in your home.

If you do experience any problems, please contact BSW as usual, and they will raise individual call outs to help. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, especially in light of the timing and poor weather. We are still looking at changing the temporary plant, which you’ll recognise as being in the shipping container near Wilmer House, with a new system. This should keep things more stable until the work to update the plant room is completed.