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Help and guidance

From jobs and training to money guidance and personal wellbeing, see how we can help you.

StepChange: free debt helpline

StepChange provides a debt telephone helpline that's free and open to everyone. You can use their service no matter how large or small your debts.

They’ll look at your financial situation, give you expert debt advice and recommend debt solutions to suit you.

They can also help you set up and support your chosen repayment solution or help you apply for the Breathing Space scheme. This scheme offers 60 days no fees or interest, and no contact from your creditors whilst you activate a debt solution.

You can phone StepChange for free on 0800 138 1111.

The StepChange website also has a 24/7 online debt help service. This service allows you to work out a personal debt action plan at a time that suits you.

Visit the StepChange website

60-second debt test

StepChange also has a 60-second debt test that helps you see if you could benefit from debt advice.

Take the 60-second debt test

Grants for work and business

We have four grants that can help you achieve your work goals and career dreams.

  • Re:Work - up to £150 for a new job 
  • Re:Train - up to £1,000 for career-related training 
  • Business Start Up - up to £1,000 for starting or growing a business 
  • Business Re:Work - up to £250 for becoming self-employed.  

Find out more about grants