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Resident Engagement Day: 'I got involved in Clarion Housing because ...'

Residents hold up statements

Forty-seven Clarion Housing residents took part in our Resident Engagement Day in Leeds in October, with both staff and attendees getting involved in the activities on offer, including workshop sessions and a Board Q&A.

Our Resident Engagement Days are just one way residents can get involved with - and influence - how we deliver and improve on the services we offer.

From 12 October to 23 November, we hosted five of these days; including events in Crawley, Croydon and Cambridge.

Each event gave attendees the chance to learn more about Clarion Housing, how to get involved in our services, the opportunity to meet other members of the community, and the time to put questions to members of staff.

In Leeds, key issues discussed on the day included:

- Properties being sold in Preston and Stafford;
- Communication with residents since the Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing merger; and
- Trees and grounds maintenance issues.

Asked why he decided to get involved with the event, Steve Medlin answered: “To help make change and improvements for all residents”.

While all the REDs are now over for the year, you can still get involved with Clarion Housing and your community. Find out more about the opportunities we offer or get in touch online.