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A week in the life of Ron Jackman, Clarion Housing caretaker

Ron Jackman, Clarion Housing caretaker

First published in Inside Housing.


After a morning discussion first thing with my line manger Ben, we agreed a plan of action for the week ahead in order to keep my estate clean and hazard free for the residents.

My manager also dropped off some stores and PPE in preparation for the week ahead which begins with a litter pick of the external areas and then a discovery of a fly tip which is then reported to our mobile team for them to remove at some point in the day.

The remainder of the day is spent disinfecting all touch points in the internal communal areas of the blocks in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Usually during my morning litter pick I see lots of school children on their way to school and people on their way to catch the bus or train to work. Between 7.30am and 8.30am in particular there is lots of activity. Today, I am the only person around.

From time to time I am seeing our repairs vans on the estate and I know they must be attending emergency repairs such as heating or hot water issues as we have paused day to day repairs for the time being for the safety of residents and my colleagues.


Ron Jackman, Clarion Housing caretaker

The day begins with another litter pick of the external areas but as most of the residents are in lockdown the normal litter has reduced at this time.

However, as everybody is staying at home, the normal waste has drastically increased and therefore  as today is the bin collections,  the whole day is spent on assisting the waste collection team by pulling out the bins clearing any rubbish that is spread out on the estate and then disinfecting the bin areas after a sweep and placing the bins back in there normal place ready for the next collection on Friday.


I begin the day by once again by disinfecting the touch points in all internal areas along with main entrances such as doors. I also checked for any heath and safety obstructions inside the buildings which could block any residents or emergency services when having to exit. For the remainder of the day I spent time removing any weeds that are growing on hard standing external areas in order to keep the estate well-presented.


I started the day with a litter pick and then began my bin duties as previously done on Tuesday with the remainder of the day focussed on disinfecting any area that could be touched by hands inside all of the buildings. I hope that by continuing to fulfil my duties within the Estate Services team during this tough time, I am assisting in keeping a clean and safe environment for our residents to live in.

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