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Report antisocial behaviour

Tell us about behaviour that is disruptive to you, people around you, or your local community. This includes regular excessive noise, violence or threatening behaviour, illegal activities, and neighbourhood issues such as dog fouling and fly-tipping.

Find out more about antisocial behaviour and how to deal with it

Your details

10 digit number you can find on letters you may have received from us, referred to as ‘tenant’ or ‘customer’ reference.

Antisocial behaviour report

Excessive noise eg parties, music, shouting, arguing, barking dogs.

Violence or threatening behaviour eg domestic violence, physical or verbal abuse, hate crimes, harassment on social media, animal attacks.

Illegal activity eg drug taking, prostitution, dangerous driving, vandalism, fire starting, fighting.

Neighbourhood issues eg dog fouling, dumped rubbish, fly-tipping, graffiti.

When reporting issues to the police they will provide you with a crime reference number.
Character limit: 350 characters. Note: we are limited in the amount of information you can submit by data protection policies. Find out more about how we handle your information in our privacy policy.