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Service status

We know that coronavirus is a concern for everyone in society and our priority is to do everything we can to support Clarion residents and staff.

Update 21.05.2020

Following recent easing of lockdown measures the Government is now encouraging social landlords to resume maintenance work where safe to do so. Please read our Planned Investment - Remobilisation statement for more information.

Update 20.05.2020

We have been regularly updating residents since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, including the latest government advice. We would also like to share a letter from the Minister for Housing setting out the measures that are in place to support social housing residents during the next phase towards reopening society.

Government advice

You can find the latest government advice on coronavirus here. This includes guidance on work, travel and meeting with friends and family.

We are working hard to interpret this new advice, consider next steps and what this means for the safe return of more of our services. Any change to our services will be posted on this page.

Clarion’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

We’ve set up a programme of calls to our older residents, conducting welfare checks and ensuring that they have any help they need. Residents have access to a wealth of support and guidance through our charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, including help with applying for benefits, finding a job or managing money. We’re also providing grants to a number of partners through our Emergency Support Fund, ensuring organisations such as food banks can continue to support communities through these unprecedented times.

The situation is ever-changing, but it has brought people and communities together, and we’re proud of Clarion staff, residents and partners who have gone the extra mile to support others.

Read coronavirus updates from Michelle Reynolds, our Chief Operating Officer at Clarion Housing Group.

Coronavirus stories

Read our collection of stories of people in Clarion communities making a difference.

Managing your account

We understand this will be a very difficult time for many people, but it’s really important you continue to pay your rent to avoid future financial difficulty.

We want to help you as best we can and provide guidance on the options available to you. If you would like to discuss this with a member of the Customer Accounts team, please complete this form and a team member will be in contact.

There will be no evictions in Clarion homes for non-payment of rent during the coronavirus emergency.

Benefits you may be able to access

You could also explore the links below which provide information on the benefits from government you may be eligible to access.

We also run an additional support service called Guideline, which cannot support directly on rent payments, but provides advice on budgeting. They can arrange support to access specialist debt advice and are continuing to help people find employment opportunities. If you would like to speak to one our Guideline team members, please complete this form.

Supporting our residents

We have set-up a programme of rolling phone calls to our residents, to help their wellbeing and make sure they can access support if they need. Thousands of calls are being made every day.

Our LiveSmart schemes for over 55s have closed their communal spaces, but every resident now receives a daily call from the scheme manager and all have a personal alarm – monitored 24/7 by a call centre.

Clarion Futures continues to provide as much support to residents and communities as we can, still delivering services but doing it while adopting social distancing. You can learn more about our teams and contact them here:

Fire safety advice

As most of us are spending more time at home there is an increased risk of an accidental fire happening, which means we need to take extra care to prevent this.

By being extra vigilant this will also help to reduce the pressure on our emergency services and NHS, which is very important during this critical time.

Please take the time to read through our fire safety advice and think about what steps you need to take in your own home to prevent a fire from happening.

Repairs to my home

We have now moved to an emergency and urgent only repairs service, which means our focus will be on completing the most serious repairs.

If you have any of the issues set out below, please request a repair as normal and we will respond. Please also see our advice on managing minor repairs.

Emergency repairs (attendance within 24 hours)

  • No electricity in the whole property, no electricity in the kitchen or no electricity in communal areas
  • Loss of water supply
  • No heating or hot water
  • Premises unable to be secured and there is no alternative entrance
  • A major leak of water that is not containable inside the property or a communal area
  • Blockages leading to sewage or grey water leaking inside the property or a communal area
  • A structural issue that could collapse or cause damage to the building
  • Faulty smoke alarms
  • Mobility equipment not working - including lifts, hoists, baths
  • Repairs to damaged doors or windows to ensure security
  • Repairs to communal lighting, floor coverings, stair nosings, banisters, walls, doors, windows and roofs to keep the building safe
  • Repairs to blocked gutters or downpipes where water is leaking inside the property or an internal communal area
  • A WC that is leaking or cannot be flushed with a bucket or bowl
  • Any critical gas repair

Urgent repairs (attendance within 7 days)

  • No electricity in one room, other than the kitchen
  • Loss of heating in one room
  • Small water leak that can be contained
  • A communal door lock that is not working but where it is secure and another entrance can be used
  • Blockages to pipes and drains where water is not backing up but is slow to drain
  • Repairs to windows or doors to maintain security of premises where they can be temporarily secured and there is an alternative exit
  • Blockages where grey water or sewage is leaking outside of the property
  • Re-glazing of windows and doors to maintain fire safety
  • Follow on works where the repair has already been made safe
  • Isolation of damaged electrical sockets or switches
  • Faulty gates, barriers or door entry systems
  • Repairs to external or car park lighting

Cleaning and grounds maintenance

We are continuing with urgent housing visits and our caretaking and environmental services. This means our caretakers will continue to keep estates clean and tidy and, with fire and trip hazards removed. This is all to keep your neighbourhoods feeling as normal as possible.

Utility bill help

Energy firms are putting in place new measures to help prepayment customers who are unable to top up their cards at the current time. The advice varies per provider.  This useful link offers help and advice.

University College London

University College London has launched a study into the psychological and social effects of Coronavirus in the UK. Researchers are aiming to recruit a large sample of adults living in the UK to help understand the effects of coronavirus and social distancing measures on individuals. They will then use the data to help them to track trajectories of mental health and loneliness in the UK over the coming weeks by identifying which groups are most at risk and to understand the effects of any potentially protective activities people could be engaging in.

Take part in the survey led by University College London today

The survey is not linked to Clarion, but the researchers are keen to include as many people as possible and feed their experiences back to government and Public Health England.

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