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Home safety

Find out how to stay safe at home – from knowing your emergency evacuation plans to fire, gas and electrical safety tips.

Know your emergency evacuation plan

Plan and practice the escape route from your home. Make sure everyone who lives in, or visits, your home knows how to leave in an emergency.

  • The best route is the usual way in and out of your home.
  • Plan of a second route in case the first one is blocked.
  • Keep door and window keys where they can be found in an emergency.
  • Keep balconies clear, so they don’t block your escape.
  • Make sure escape routes, communal areas and exits are kept clear.

Find out more about fire safety and evacuation plans

Dangers of using flat roofs

Buildings often have flat roof areas that can appear to offer usable outside space. However, flat roofs can be extremely dangerous. 

It’s strictly forbidden to use flat roofs on our buildings. 

Flat roof areas are not designed or maintained for use, unlike balconies or terraces. This means there are potentially fatal risks of falling through, or from, a roof. They must not be used for any activity, including:

  • outdoor eating or barbecues
  • exercise
  • smoking, socialising or sunbathing
  • storage, gardening or drying laundry.

Where flat roofs are used, we may remove items or take appropriate tenancy action. 

Balconies and roof terraces

Designated balconies and roof terraces have:

  • floors built to withstand the weight and wear of use as an outside area
  • railings or edge protection that must be at least 1.1m high to prevent falls
  • safe access from a door or walkway (access is never by ladder or window).

Flat roofs

Flat roofs are:

  • not designed or built to withstand access
  • not required to have edge protection – and no minimum height where there is one
  • unlikely to have a door, but may be accessible by window, ladder, scaffolding, or over a wall
  • easily damaged by stored items or planters – which can cause damage or leaks to homes below.

Contact us about flat roofs

Please contact us to report damage or concerns about flat roofs, or worries that vulnerable people (such as young children) can access them.

You can speak to your building safety manager, phone our customer services team on 0300 500 8000, or contact us online.

Home safety tips

DIY safety tips

  • Make sure your tools are all in good condition and check their leads and plugs. 
  • Use a cable detector to avoid drilling, nailing or screwing into cables inside your walls. 
  • Use a residual current device (RCD) to cut off the power in emergency.
  • Turn off the power when working near electrical wiring and use battery-powered tools.  
  • Get professional advice from a registered electrician: if you’re not sure what to do, don't do it yourself.