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Accessibility on this website

This website has been built to W3C WCAG WAI AA standard, where Clarion Housing can control accessibility.

We do use a few plugins which we cannot guarantee meet the same accessibility level, such as our search function, Google Translate, and our repairs diagnosis tool though we always test them to ensure they do allow easy navigation.

Clarion Housing’s policy is to make digital services available, as broadly and diversely as possible, to all our customers. If you feel that any aspect of this website could be improved, or is obstructive to accessibility, we want to know and we’ll try and improve it.

Changing your browser settings

You’ll find your accessibility settings under different headings in different browsers.

Browser settings

Changing the settings on your mobile device

As there is no universal standard that websites can use for accessibility on mobile, we apply a common sense approach to how the website works on mobile. Depending on your brand of phone and its operating system, you will find a native text-to-speech function in your accessibility settings.

Mobile device settings

Setting up your computer or laptop

Accessibility options can be configured on your computer so that your general use is better and easier and fits your needs. You can you change settings that help you browse the internet and do every day tasks on your desktop computer or laptop.

Computer and laptop settings


Clarion Housing uses Google Translate on the website as part of our aim to communicate as clearly and widely as possible with our customers. Google Translate does not provide perfect translations, and there will be many inaccuracies, but the translations do improve over time, as the tool is used more frequently.

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If you have any feedback or issues with accessing your accessibility features please contact us to let us know.
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