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Debt Awareness Week survey

Coronavirus has caused debt and money worries for many people. Share your experiences in our quick, anonymous survey – whether you’re struggling with money or not.

This will help us understand how residents are coping at this difficult time and enable us to shape our services to better meet your needs.

Debt Awareness Week: 22-28 March

Debt Awareness Week is an annual campaign run by one of our partners, StepChange: the UK’s most comprehensive debt advice service. It aims to open up the conversation around debt and encourage people to take the first step and seek advice.

You can find out more on the StepChange website where you’ll find a range of guides, including:

  • paying off persistent debt
  • dealing with debt stress and mental health
  • how to get emergency funding in a cash crisis.

There’s also a coronavirus and debt information hub with step-by-step guidance for people on reduced incomes due to coronavirus.