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Affordable and private housing

Rent4Less: affordable housing scheme

Our Rent4Less properties are affordable homes that are priced at 80% or less of their market price.

They’re available to working households on initial six-year fixed-term tenancies. Properties are advertised on Zoopla.

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In addition to the eligibility criteria under our allocations policy, to rent a Rent4Less home you need to:

  • be in employment
  • pass an affordability assessment
  • pass a credit check
  • pay one month’s rent as a deposit.

Download: Clarion Allocations Policy (pdf)

Rental homes for key workers

We offer affordable rental homes to key workers in the south-east of England.

Key workers are people working in frontline public sector roles across essential health, education and community safety services. They include NHS staff, teachers, emergency services, social workers and nursery nurses.

For most of our homes, you need to be referred to us by your work trust. If you work for the NHS, you should have an accommodation officer who can refer you. If you’re a non-trust worker, you may be eligible for some of our homes as long as there are no trust workers on our waiting lists.

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Building quality new homes

See how we’re investing £1.2bn in new homes and community regeneration projects across the country.

Market rent homes

We have 800 high-quality homes available for private tenants to rent at standard market prices.

These homes are suited to working households and families across the UK. They’re ideal for people who aren’t able to buy a home, but who don’t qualify for social housing.

As part of our plans to invest £1.2bn in mixed-tenure homes and community regeneration, we’re continually expanding our range of homes available to private tenants.

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