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JSS component is missing React implementation. See the developer console for more information.

Information and guidelines

Mandatory fields

  • Eyebrow text
  • Heading
  • 2 images (Desktop and mobile) or 1 video (Desktop) and 1 image (Mobile)

Character Limit

  • Eyebrow text: Max. 25 characters.
  • Heading: Max. 40 characters.
  • Primary Link: Max. 200 characters.
  • Secondary Links: Max. 40 characters each.

Image Size

  • 1280x720

Best practices

  • When choosing an image for the homepage the most important part of the image must be in the central third of the image. This will ensure that the image is displayed properly on most devices.

    For example, if there is a person, make sure the person is within the central third of the image instead of to the left side of the image: