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Update on fire safety by Clarion Housing Group

Clarion Housing Group

Following the sad and tragic events of yesterday at Grenfell Tower we want to reassure our residents that we take fire safety very seriously and our residents’ safety is our priority. We have robust measures in place to ensure the safety of all our properties and we continue to work closely with the fire authorities to ensure these measures meet all the necessary legal standards.

There will inevitably though be concerns arising out of this recent fire, particularly with people living in high rise buildings and we want to reassure our residents that we are working to review any necessary fire safety advice and practices, and that will be repeated once information becomes available as to the circumstances and cause of the fire. More information on these measures is below:

  • We have set up a dedicated central fire safety team to respond to immediate concerns and queries in relation to high rise properties and as a response to the Grenfell incident- this is in addition to our regular health and safety team
  • We are undertaking an immediate review of our residential properties focusing on the high rise blocks*, which includes fire safety and housekeeping
  • We are undertaking a further technical site specific review of the fire risk assessments for all our high rise properties
  • We have previously and will continue to work closely with the Fire Authorities in ensuring our properties have met the required standards and will follow any new findings or recommendations following the Grenfell fire investigation where appropriate
  • We are issuing practical fire safety advice to residents and will have a Q&A document available soon for those concerned by fire safety
  • Following this major fire we are currently offering battery operated smoke detectors to those residents to install inside their flats who don’t have a working smoke alarm and who live in high rise properties.

*We define high rise blocks as those of six storeys and above

Further fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade can be found here.