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Mother and son use 3D printers to provide free PPE for local key workers

Clarion Housing Group

Maureen Lodge, a Clarion neighbourhood response officer and her son Tom, an electrical engineer at Broomfield Hospital are working together to provide healthcare workers with around 1,800 pieces of essential personal protection equipment.

Maureen and Tom were both eager to find a way to lend their support to local healthcare workers that were fighting against covid-19 pandemic. Tom, who is an avid 3D printer enthusiast decided to use his hobby and expertise to find a way to lend his support. After sourcing designs for face shields online, he and his mother started to manufacture them to give out to local healthcare workers via social media. In addition, they started printing mask straps that ease the pressure on ears for health workers that frequently wear them.

The popularity of the face-shields grew amongst key workers to the point that Maureen and Tom had three of the 3D printers constantly running to meet the demand. As soon as the items are placed on social media, they are swept up by a variety of workers who are eager for more. To date, they have provided over 250 face shields and over 1,550 ear straps to a variety of people and places including care homes, district nurses, doctors’ surgeries, ambulance crews, police and the blood transfusion and transplant service.

Maureen said: ‘It feels really important to our family that we do our bit in any way we can to help keep our health workers safe in this nationwide fight against the coronavirus. Its times like this you pull together and get creative about solutions.

Tom said: ‘I’m pleased I have been able to use what was previously just a hobby to now support my colleagues and other healthcare workers during this important time in the country. I hope we can inspire others to volunteer in whichever way they are able to their local hospitals, care homes and other essential services during this difficult period.’